12/30/21 Levine Portrait Session12/30/21 Levine Unedited Selection Gallery12/27/21 Emma's Synagogue Session12/18/21 Max's Bar Mitzvah12/13/21 Historic Odessa Endowment Donor Dinner12/11/21 Hudson's Bar Mitzvah12/4/21 Jana's Bat Mitzvah12/3/21 Smith Family Portraits (Edited Selections)12/3/21 Smith Family UNEDITED Selection Gallery11/23/21 Project HOME Thanksgiving Food Distribution11/19/21 Jordan's Bat Mitzvah11/17/21 Max's Casual Session11/15/21 Project HOME Groundbreaking for Longterm Recovery Residency in Kensington11/7/21 Philly Friendship Walk10/30/21 Jacob's Bar Mitzvah10/27/21 Project HOME Maguire Residence Grand Opening10/23/24 Simon's Bar Mitzvah and Celebration10/20/21 Jacob's Casual Session in Manayunk10/16/21 Ava's Bat Mitzvah!10/13/21 Soccer for Rachel10/2/21 Specter US Squash Center Grand Opening9/25/21 Eve's Bat Mitzvah Celebration!9/22/21 Historic Odessa Beerfest9/12/21 Brittany's Bridal Shower8/27/21 Kompel Family Photo Session8/18/21 Eve's Edited Casual Session7/13/21 Jocelyn Edited Gallery8/14/21 Weinerman Family Beach Session8/14/21 Sherman Family Beach Session7/13/21 Jocelyn UNEDITED Selection Gallery7/17/21 Katz Family Longport Beach Session7/6/21 Karen and Brian Portrait Session6/14/21 Ava's EDITED Casual Session6/12/21 Henry's Bar Mitzvah6/10/21 Eve's Bat Mitzvah Service6/12/21 Henry's Album Photos6/2/21 Weiser Law Firm UNEDITED Selection Gallery6/4/21 Amy's UNEDITED Selection Gallery5/22/21 Lauren & Austin: SURPRISE PROPOSAL!5/31/21 Barrist Family Portrait Session5/15/21 Abby's Bat Mitzvah Celebration5/14/21 Abby's Synagogue Portrait Session5/2/21 Brittany & Blake4/25/21 Philly Friendship Circle Teen and Young Adult Event4/24/21 Henry's Casual Photo Session4/1/21 Mazal Tov, Joel!3/27/21 MARRY ME!4/23/21 Hailey's Synagogue Session2/16/21 Ann Fogarty Selection Gallery1/9/21 The Barrist Firm9/25/21 Ruthi's Collage Selections2/10/22 Ruthi's Revised Collage Gallery12/11/21 Hudson's Album Selection Gallery